Crochet Christmas Stockings

These adorable (and functional!) granny square stockings can be used as attractive additions to your Christmas Mantle or make a really cute, and multi-purpose, way to present a gift.   Stuff the foot section with tissue paper and a bottle of wine fits perfectly inside the upper portion.  Whether you choose Granny Squares in traditional stocking colors or go for a funky kaleidoscope with a modern twist, the choice is yours.  This pattern is one I replicated from a stocking my Grandmother made for me about 45 years ago.  I thought it was the prettiest thing I had ever seen then, and I still do now.  Her original stocking used a 3 round square but they can be any number of rounds you choose.  The beauty of this pattern is that your stocking size can be adapted by simply changing the number  of rounds you make or what size hook you use.  They can even be very tiny if you don’t mind tedious work.   I really like the way these look with the realistic shaped toe and heel.  I think they are much more attractive than some of the blocky ones where the squares are laid flat together and sewn without any contours.

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To get started, you will need: 

Yarn in your choice of color(s)
Size J Crochet Hook
Tapestry or Embroidery Needle for weaving in ends and sewing squares together.

1.)  Make 16 – 3 round granny squares.  There is a YouTube tutorial for plain granny squares below or you can choose a fancier one.  One of my favorite books for new combinations is The Big Book of Granny Squares by Tracey Lord.  She has everything from standard squares to squares with hearts or flowers, and even squares with ruffles.

crochet squares

Once you have all your squares made, lay out 9 of the squares as follows: *make sure you place them with right sides facing each other*

The picture on the right is for reference to show the section of the stocking you are working on.


Match up the stitches with each other and whip stitch the pieces together using your Tapestry Needle.  Use the outside of the crochet stitch to whip into (see picture below) so that your interior line of the crochet stitch creates the pretty outline as seen in the above picture on the right.

If the eye of your Tapestry or Embroidery Needle is small and you have trouble threading the yarn through it, try giving it a little help using a regular piece of sewing thread.  Most of the time you can pull it right through with this method.


Once you have the upper boot portion done, then begin assembling the foot pieces and attach them to the boot section.  You will still be working with your pieces right side together.  Once assembled your stocking will be inside out.  *The picture of the multi-color stocking has been turned right side out already, but is there so you can make sense of the layout.


While your stocking is inside out, stitch in a tuck for the heel.   My picture below with the needle is a little misleading.  Go up at a little more of an outer angle than it looks like mine is so that you get the little heel pooch.  It shouldn’t be an absolute straight line when compared to the bottom of the foot part.  It’s easier to see in the multi-color stocking and once it is right side out.

The type of top you put on can range from just a single crochet edging or can be an elaborate fancy stitch.  I like the classic red stocking with white cuff, so I usually do of several rows of single crochet that can be folded down.  Work your folded down portion while the stocking is still inside out and the finished side of the stitches will be on the outside once the stocking is turned right side out.

Lastly, work a loop of single crochet to function as a hanger.   If you’re really talented, you can tie this into your cuff work like my Granny did, or you can do like I do and kind-of make it work after the fact.

Congratulations!  You now have something that is unlike any other gift your recipient will receive and possibly, hopefully something that little ones will cherish when they are grown with children of their own.  Fill it with candy, gift cards for older ones, or hang it on the mantle for Santa to fill when he stops by.  As mentioned above, for housewarming or party host gifts, you can stuff the foot section with tissue paper and a bottle of wine fits perfectly inside the upper portion.  The combo of homemade and quintessential wine is always a hit.

Get everything you’ll need for this project here:

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