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Wild Plum Sweet Bread

Wild Plum Sweet Bread

Prunus angustifolia, sometimes known as Chickasaw Plum, Sand Plum or Sandhill Plum, isanother of God’s many gifts of wild food to us. This misshapen, often scraggly looking bushblooms with small white flowers in March and April which mature into small firm plums aboutthe size of a quarter by the end of June. They have a…

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In-person classes and workshops are available for Canning, Herbal Study, Soap Making, Animal Processing, Tanning, Leatherwork and Forging. Please use the button below to contact us for pricing and to schedule.

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Visit our Etsy page to browse products from our farm. From homemade soap and handmade afghans to deerskin moccasins and authentic coon skin caps, we have an assortment of unique, sustainably produced gifts.

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From The Forge

Wooden handle knives, railroad spike knives, “Brother Knives” or “Father/Son Knives” (matching set made from the same piece of steel and wood), keychains and more. Our Etsy page showcases what is in stock from our coal forge, but can also be used to contact us with requests.

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