Making The Switch – Electric to Wood Cooking

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We caught a lot of flack online when I shared the first picture of our “new” wood cook stove that took the place of our electric range.  So much so that I started deleting the followers that left comments like “Bad installation”; “I hope their house burns down”; “No help for dumb rednecks” and my favorite; “There’s one bunch of hillbillies we’ll be rid of when *there* house burns to the ground with them in it”.  I had to laugh out loud… it’s probably a good idea to check your spelling if you’re going to put something like that out there.  It’s ok to have an opinion, and I’m ok with someone expressing it, but I just can’t grasp being hateful about it.  For the sometimes mean spirited flaw the internet has, the up side is that it allowed us to do extensive research for our stove installation and have access to a cache of information that would’ve been impossible just 10 or 15 years ago.  Also thanks to the internet and Craigslist, the stove we ultimately chose just happened to get listed in a town about 3 hours from where we live.  We got on Google to find specs for it before making the commitment for such a long trip and turned every dimension inside and out.  Ultimately we arranged to go look at it and decided that it was indeed  the right one.   All in all, we took almost 3 years doing our research and making our decision.  The driving force is our desire to get off grid.  Not just off grid with solar panels, but off grid without Read More

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